About Us

At Pan Plano, we start with the basics:  A special, secret blend of herbs and spices from our in-house baker to create the perfect universal comfort food – flatbread.  Delicious on its own, but we elevate it with a combination of veggies, meats, and seasonings that best complement these flatbreads. We trust in the selections we make and how it’s prepared, with fresh, natural ingredients designed to complement each other in flavor and texture.  Our goal is to enlighten you with an edible nirvana and a healthier alternative.

“A Better Way To Flatbread”


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Because our Chef uses fresh ingredients, our menu may change from time to time.  We rotate the toppings and Signature Seasonal Flatbreads based on what is available and ripe.  Don’t be alarmed, spontaneity in the kitchen helps keep fresh and delicious flavors coming your way!